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The Great European War and the threat of revolution in Mexico cast suspicion and distrust over the tranquil plazas of the sleepy Texas town of San Antonio, and two women find their lives and destinies entangled in romance, intrigue, and espionage.


--from Electra Cabot
February 28, 1917
All that matters now is what becomes of Emory.
Though both of us will soon be leaving San Antonio, at least I still have ways of protecting myself. Emory may soon fear for his life, however, because he is a gambler and for that kind of man there is always lying somewhere ahead the risk that will prove too high.

--from Camille Devera
June 4, 1918
When I came back to San Antonio in 1914, all I wanted was a place to call home and a normal life. The most I dared hope for was a good job, a taste of big-city excitement, and a room overlooking the river. The least I expected was a fair job, a Sunday matinee now and then, and quarters at the YWCA until I could afford something better.
Instead I wound up with more jobs than a farmer's wife and little more pay, enough excitement to last me forever, though not exactly the kind I had in mind, and a strong doubt that anything, anywhere, will ever be normal again.