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Suzanne Morris was born in Houston in 1944, and grew up in the East End, graduating from Stephen F. Austin High School and attending the University of Houston. In 1963 she married her high school sweetheart, J.C. Morris. They currently reside in Cherokee County, Texas and have one son. He and his wife live in Natchitoches, Louisiana, where both are teachers. They have three children.

Suzanne had always dreamed of becoming a writer, but until 1967 she had not received any instruction in creative writing. While in Fort Lewis, Washington where her husband was serving in the U.S. Army, Suzanne took creative writing classes at Clover Leaf Community College from writer and teacher Rega McCarty. From Suzanne's work in the class, Ms. McCarty recognized a potential novelist. A 5,000 word short story was devoted almost entirely to character development.

At age 28, back home in Texas, Suzanne began what was to be her first novel, GALVESTON. The elements of the story were stored in her early memories of visiting the island city and staying in an intriguing house with terrifyingly high front stairs. These memories, along with the recollection of an old photo of a ballerina posing out on a Galveston veranda, formed the nucleus of the story.

Each of Ms. Morris' subsequent novels has evolved similarly, from those strong indelible images internalized in childhood, which grow more potent the longer they are locked away.

Her books have been sold in trade paperback editions, and foreign rights include England, South America, and the Netherlands.

Her books are available at all major online booksellers (see My Works menu button above for a synopsis of each novel, excerpts from the text, and direct links to Barnes & Noble for online purchase).

Suzanne has a limited number of all eight of her novels on hand for sale. Orders can be inscribed and shipped. If you are interested, please contact her either by telephone, or via email.