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A Time and a Time....

I believe I knew long before I completed the final draft of
Aftermath, that this, my eighth novel, would be my last one.

Even though I was far from ready to give up writing, I felt that,
over 40 years, I had probably written everything original that I was
capable of writing as a novelist; and I no longer wished to
undertake the years of research followed by years of writing, then
the long process of publication, required of a novelist. It was time
to focus my creative energies on a new challenge.

Fortunate for me, writing poetry would prove as deeply rewarding
as writing novels. I had been composing poems for years, and
often my poems found their way into my fiction. Finally, in
Aftermath, the narrator eventually becomes a poet, spurred by a
high school classroom assignment that sends a thrill through her
soul, and gives her the words to articulate her feelings about the
tragedy that changed her life forever, when she was 12 years old.

Poems attributed to the character Delys Lithingate appear in
several places in Aftermath, and an additional 16 poems follow the
story's closing.

While my novels have always been character-driven, they are
marked by a wide variety of settings and situations and time
frames. My poems can probably be described in this way as well.
Some spring from indelible memories of childhood or experiences
affecting me deeply in adulthood; some are inspired by works of art
I find arresting, or stories in the news that are provocative.


Here is the link to a recent interview by Angelo State University
student Katie Carpenter, in a graduate English course on literary
publishing and editing, taught by Laurence Musgrove:




Links to some of my published poems can be found by clicking on the Poems and Other Works tab in this website along with explanations of how each poem came to be. I will be updating this section several times a year.


"A time and a time..." my friend and mentor, the late Rega
McCarty, used to muse during her creative writing workshop.
These words of wisdom have stayed with me in the years since.
There was a time for writing novels; and now is a time for writing
poetry. I am fortunate to have experienced both, and I appreciate
the support and encouragement from readers that I have received
along the way.


Suzanne Morris



Suzanne Page Morris
Phone: 903-683-9525
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