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The Genesis of Suzanne Morris’ AFTERMATH

March 19, 2016

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I first learned of the notorious New London school explosion in March of 1987, when I happened to run across a newspaper article commemorating the 50th anniversary of the disaster. I was shocked and disturbed by the story of hundreds of lives lost—most of them children’s—in one deadly stroke. Immediately I felt certain that I would write about it in a novel someday.

“Someday” can be a very long time in the life of a novelist. My latest book, WIVES AND MISTRESSES, had been out for less than a year. I had recently finished a series of events promoting it; and I was now involved in researching THE CLEARHARBOUR TRILOGY, a work that would consume me for the next two decades.

Reflections on an Unlikely Career....

June 30, 2014

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As I consider the avenues for publishing my new novel, I often find myself looking back on the start of my career forty years ago. I am amazed when I think of all the factors that combined to make my dream of being a published novelist come true.

The call from Susan Schwartz of Doubleday & Company was the last thing I expected that day in June of 1975, when I was on my way out the door to pick up my young son from swimming lessons. Yet, my good fortune had begun long before Susan offered me a contract on the novel that would be entitled, GALVESTON.

Selected Works

The tale of one survivor of the London School explosion of March 18th, 1937
Book one of the CLEARHARBOUR TRILOGY. An intriguing story of love and betrayal, loss and redemption, set in the U.S. and England in the dark days of WWI, through the reckless 1920's.
The second book in the CLEARHARBOUR TRILOGY, ELIZABETH'S LEGACY carries forward the story of the Selby family through the romance and political intrigue of World War II, in England and the United States
Sweeping from the English coast to the shores of America, this stunning conclusion to the CLEARHARBOUR TRILOGY follows the Selby family into the third generation.
"The plot is both plausible and facinating. The ending is devastating and unexpected. You won't forget this story ten minutes after you put it down."
-- Gazette Telegraph, Colorado Springs
"Casts a spell!"
-- Publishers Weekly
"Imaginative gusto... feverish... seductive"
-- Harper's Bookletter
"A fascinating multi-generational story that is full of intriguing twist and turns."
-- Booklist
"Poignant yet unsentimental... Engrossing plot... highly recommended."
-- Library Journal